We offer Marconic "No-Touch" Energy sessions by our certified and highly trained teacher practitioners. This "no-touch" protocol is the evolution of energy healing that can trigger profound spontaneous healing, alleviating physical and emotional ailments with extraordinary results.


 Marconic Energy works in conjunction with your own higher self to help address and release karma and prepare your body to assimilate higher ascension energies.




The following services are provided by Your Healing Light by our Marconic Teacher Practitioners. Please contact us if you have any questions about the protocols.


Also for first time clients, please download, read, and fill out associated client consent forms and bring to first session:



We gladly accept following payments:



The Marconic "No-Touch" protocol is the evolution of energy healing that can trigger profound spontaneous healing, alleviating physical and emotional ailments with extraordinary results. Marconic Energy works in conjunction with YOUR own higher self to help address and release karma and prepare your body to assimilate higher ascension energies.


This Evolution of Energy Healing is typically performed as an on-going treatment.

This service can also be performed remotely via distance healing.


1 hour appointment - $111



The Marconic Recalibration is a one-time  'No-Touch' protocol that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix as the activation of your new Quantum Merkaba which powers your ability to travel, expanding your awareness and enabling you to create your new reality.

This connection will enable you to feed your new field indefinitely as you strengthen the grids in the re-evolved time matrices which in turn feed your merkaba, creating a positive healing spiral through the bandwidths of dimensional realities. 

Once Recalibrated you become a Negative Ionic Generator, you don't ever power down, you sustain your higher vibrational frequency and continue to go higher. This enables you to continue to drop density as we move forward on the cresting waves of Ascension – into the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

  • Experience Sovereign Integration

  • Activate the Multidimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, the Pineal Hyper-dimensional Gateway, and the Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.

  • “Uncap” the Chakras for the New Galactic Chakra System.

  • Connect back to Source at the Galactic Core

Two 90-minute appointments - $333
(Sessions must be done in person over 2 consecutive days)




The Marconic Integrated Chakra Unification protocol involves the "uncapping" of the bodies chakra system restoring them to their original spherical shape as well as release all karmic debris contained in their current structure. This powerful treatment can help release energy blockages from this and any past lifetimes.


Once the Marconic Integrated Chakra Unification is complete, it is immediately followed by a full 'No-Touch' Protocol.


This treatment is performed as a one-time treatment. This treatment CANNOT be done Remotely.


90 minute appointment - $222




Your Healing Light is proud to offer all our services via a network of   highly certified Marconic Teacher Practitioners partners.


Each have not only gone through extensive Marconic Energy training (Levels 1-3), but also are only of a few practitioners authorized to teach the Level 1 'No-Touch' Protocol by Marconics LLC.


* denotes independent partner associated with YourHealingLight

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Josh Brotherton is the owner of Your Healing Light and a Marconic Energy Teacher Practitioner. Josh has received certified training for Levels 1,2,& 3 with the originator of Marconics, Alison David Bird C.Ht. and co-founder Lisa Wilson and is also a certified to teach the Level 1 'No-Touch' Protocol for Marconics International.


An engineer by profession with the heart and soul of a healer, Josh has stepped fully onto the Lightworker’s path. He uses the Marconic Energy Protocols as a conduit to help people connect to their higher selves in order to facilitate a mind, body and energy healing experience. As an empath and intuitive, Josh provides a safe and sacred environment for fellow seekers to reclaim their ascension path.

To learn more about Josh, his insights, and his experiences which led him to his path visit his blog at:








Nadine, as a busy, homeschooling, stay at home mom of 4 teenagers and wife had little time to explore her life's purpose outside of her home and  a small business owner as a baker. She had always been searching for spiritual advancement in various forms until she found Marconics and then she realized her life purpose as a gifted healer and lightworker.


Nadine has completed all levels of Marconics certification including being a Level 1 'No-Touch' instructor.


Nadine offers her services through Your Healing Light.





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Marconic Energy is a full spectrum, multidimensional healing modality. Performed in the morphogenetic field, Marconic Energy instantaneously connects the Axiatonal lines (Meridians of the Light/Energy Body) to the Universal Matrix as you are activated to expand your genetics in a re-evolution of the true lightbody opening your pathways from a finite to an infinite quantum state. Your etheric and physical bodies are being re-tuned, re-structured and re-calibrated to survive and thrive in those higher dimensions.





Want to learn more about Marconic Energy? View videos of Marconic Energy Healing Sessions?  Interested in becoming a fellow Marconic Energy Practitioner? Visit the Marconics website or other social media links listed.




Your Healing Light services most of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut by performing our services out of partnered Wellness Centers.


Contact us to determine location best suits you.



There are several options for where a Marconic Energy session is held:

  • Charlton, MA

  • Natick, MA

  • Dorchester, MA

  • Your Residence (for established clients - additional fee may be required)

  • Distance Healing (World Wide)

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  • Interested in taking a Level 1 Class to become a Marconic Energy Practitioner?


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